my site Dear High School Senior,

check these guys out By now you’re in your last few months of high school and people are asking you what you’re going to do next. Some of you know the answer with a certainty that goes clear to your bones. But some of you are asking yourself, What AM I going to do next?

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It’s OK not to know the answer right now, or even when you graduate.

You’re seventeen or eighteen. How in the world would you know what you want to do the rest of your life? I’m 58 and still trying to figure that out. And all those who have a clear plan already in place? That’s great, but don’t be surprised if they change course in the next few years.  All you need to figure out is what your heart is telling you to do now, not next.

Want to go to college? Do it. Education is always a win. Plus, the variety of courses may help you figure out your interests and what you might like to do as a career.

Are you so sick of school that you can’t stomach the idea of going to college? That’s fine. You don’t have to go. You can always go later if that seems like the right thing to do then. I know some of your parents won’t like me saying that, but it’s true. College isn’t the right path for everyone. There are lots of successful, happy people in the world who never went to college. It’s not the end of the world or your life or your prosperity. There are other roads. And they’re just as valid as the college road.

Feel like traveling? Get a job, save some money, and do it. No better time than now when you’re not tied down to a family or career.

Want to stay close to home and work? Great. Work hard, set goals, and reach them. Nothing is stopping you.

Does the idea of moving away from the comfort of home, familiarity, and family excite you? Go for it. You’ll grow, learn about yourself and others more than you can imagine.

Listen to whatever your heart is whispering to you. You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. You’re an adult. Choose whatever will help you grow into the person you want to be. Challenge yourself. Be gracious to those who may not agree. Then get busy and make it happen.