I give up. I surrender. That can sometimes be a bad thing, but in my case it’s not. I’m gradually simplifying my life. I’m giving up things that no longer bring me joy or serve God in the way I feel He’s leading me. That can be a scary process in some ways. In some cases it means giving up some things that have formed my identify. Not an easy thing to do.

Here are a few of the things I’m parting with.

http://modernistudios.com/1342/ Writing books.  This is the biggest limb I’m cutting off, and I’m not saying I’ll never write another book. But for now, that’s how it feels. I’ll continue marketing the books I’ve written. I’ve still got two more to be released in the next year or so, which will require my loving attention. But I don’t see a new book project on the horizon for a good long while and that feels amazing.

Seferhisar Blogging. I’ve stepped away from writing for the Christian Children’s Authors blog that I’ve so enjoyed being a part of the past few years. I’ll likely still contribute sporadically to the Doing Life Together blog my critique buddies and I started. And I’ll write here, but only as my heart, not a calendar, dictates.

Okcheon Subscriptions. I spend too much time on stuff that doesn’t really matter. Blogs, groups, videos, emails, you name it. So I’m unsubscribing to things that steel my time by landing in my inbox. If it doesn’t nourish my soul, it’s gone.

neurontin 400mg Clutter. I wish there was an unsubscribe button for this! But alas, I have to sort, recycle, toss, file, or donate my clutter. I’ve begun this process and I hate it. But I love the result. I’m getting lighter, freer, than I’ve been in a long time and that feels great. This will hopefully simplify a downsizing move in the future.

Crocheting. I know how stupid that sounds. But seriously, I’ve had a small project laughing at me for months that I could finish in about a week or less if I’d just do it. I’m giving myself permission to not let it bully me any more. It’s not my boss and I don’t have to finish it or let it shame me any more. So there.

Stress. The things mentioned in the previous paragraphs have allowed me to give up stress. What a blessed relief! All those deadlines and maintaining my stuff was more stressful than I even knew. I feel like I’m decompressing and that’s a good thing.

I’m learning that when I give up things that steal my joy, it makes room for me to add things that give me joy, and that in turn gives me more energy. I feel more centered personally and spiritually.  I’m not quite done with my giving up and adding in process yet, (maybe I’ll do a separate post on what I’m adding in at some point) but so far it feels great!

How about you? Have you gone through this process? What did you give up and/or what did you add in?