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Listen to Your Heart

rencontre bear gay I usually find it fairly easy to listen to my heart. But doing what it tells me sometimes comes a little harder. The last year or so has been a productive time in my life. But with productivity comes busyness, which has led to weariness. Lately, now that all the projects and transitions and changes are nearly through, my heart is whispering to me to rest.

I love hearing it, because that’s exactly what I feel like doing. But still, it rubs against what the world tries to tell me I should do. Will I be perceived as lazy? Lacking purpose? Unproductive?

Maybe. But does that even matter?

Lately, I’ve been carving out time for an afternoon rest. I may nap, play a mindless computer game, crochet, or read. If my favorite team is playing during the day, I may even watch the game on TV. I’m finding that when I give myself some rest time, I am far more productive overall. My soul needs that breather so my mind can think more clearly and I can do the things I need to with renewed energy. I don’t set a specific time limit on my rest. I just get back to work whenever I feel ready.

Obviously, not everyone has that luxury, especially if you work for someone else or have children clamoring for your attention. I understand. I’ve been there, too. But if you can find even a few minutes to clear your mind in whatever way works best for you, do it.

Listen to your heart. Do what it says. And if you can’t do it right then, take good notes so you don’t forget its whisper.

What is your heart telling you these days? Linda


  1. Self-care is so important, glad you are taking time to give it to yourself! Thanks for giving me a break when I need it too!

  2. Brian Carlblom

    May 18, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    A former boss, now mentor, told me last week to take at least 1 break each day out of the office.. Stress and an overwhelming feeling of overload was taking a toll on me. I found that walking around the old downtown’s sections of the towns I work in and taking in the architecture was relaxing, mind freeing, and invigorating. It has shown me how beneficial it is for take my breaks in a new and different way. Thanks Linda for your confirmation that we need to take these kind of breaks each day.

    • lmcarlblom

      May 18, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      Sounds like great advice! There are so many ways to rest, de-stress, and refresh oneself. I love the idea of walking around your downtown area. Nice just to see something different than the four walls of the office. Glad you’re heeding your friend’s advice. And thanks for reading and commenting!

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