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My 2016 Reading List (Better Late than Never) In recently responding to a comment on my 2016’s Most Impactful Book post, I saw that I’d promised one commenter that I’d blog about all the books I read in 2016. That was back in December. Oops. I never did it, hence this late post about said books.

gabapentin to buy online I read only ten books all last year, which I find a bit disappointing. I’d like to read at least one book a month, but some years just don’t allow that. The books I did read are as follows.

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Arizona Springtime

Springtime is my favorite season, even though it means a hot Arizona summer isn’t too far away. But I love the warm weather, the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air, and so many plants in bloom. Here’s a  gallery of photos I took on my walk around the neighborhood this morning.

Palo brea tree

Not sure what this is, but it sure was pretty!

Brilliant purple bougainvillea bush

Not sure what this purple bush is.

A close up of the purple bush’s flowers.

Pink bougainvillea

Ocotillo in bloom

Blooming cactus

Red Yucca

I love all the babies growing on this prickly pear cactus. It was just starting to bloom.

Agave plant










































Is it springtime where you live? What’s blooming in your neighborhood?


Making the Bed

As a child, I rarely made my bed, except for when my mom made us clean our rooms. She taught us how to lay the pillow with the open end of the pillowcase toward the edge of the bed. Then we pulled each sheet and blanket up to the top one by one, smoothing out the wrinkles so the bedspread would lie neatly on top. If there were wrinkles underneath, they showed through to the top layer. Mom taught us how to pull the covers and sheets until there were no more lumps. I’m glad she took the time to do that, even though I seldom used the skill regularly until my late twenties.

But now, there’s something about making the bed. I do it every morning. It makes me feel like I’m ready to start the day fresh, like I have at least one thing together. Often, I only make one half of the bed because over the years, Rollin and I have come to each make our own side of the bed. But if he has to rush out to work, I do his side, too.

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Join My Book Launch Team…(There are perks!)

Exciting news! My book, Meet Shelby Culpepper, is on the cusp of being released by Armonia Publishing. It’s a clean, wholesome, FUN read for your favorite kids who are roughly in the eight-to-twelve-year-old age bracket. But books don’t sell themselves. That’s where you come in.

I’m looking for a team of people who would be willing to post a review on Amazon (and any other book-selling platform) in exchange for a chance to win a free, signed copy of Meet Shelby Culpepper AND a 10% discount on any additional copies you order when you join the team. The book will retail at $8.99 in print form, and $2.99 for the e-book.  Here’s how it works.

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For the Love of Daughters and Donuts

I got up at 4:30 this morning. That’s a solid two-and-a-half hours earlier than I normally get up. But it was important.

You see, my young adult daughter was super excited about a new Hurts Donuts store opening near us. Well, not super near. But about ten miles away. The first 100 customers would be entered into a drawing to receive free donuts for a year. We intended to be in that number. They opened at five, so it was rise and shine at 4:30.

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Keeping Christmas Simple

baby-jesus-in-mangerI’m struck today by how complicated Christmas has gotten. A friend caring for her husband who has Alzheimer’s feels bad because she hasn’t had time to put up a tree or decorations. She just isn’t in the mood to do it. Others are frenzied with activity, yet they feel they still must do Christmas baking and complete their shopping from elaborate gift lists. What happened to silent night, holy night? From where I stand, all is certainly not calm or bright.

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I’ll Never Get Over Being a Mom


Some things in life are just over-the-top sweet. For me, being a mom is one of them. Which is why there are still some days that I miss my children. Two of my kids live within a half hour of me. One is out of state.  It really doesn’t matter that I may have seen them just days ago. I still miss them at times.

Some days, I long to hear their voices bouncing off my walls, their delirious laughter ringing through the house. Even their arguing might be welcome because it means they’re here, close enough to scoop up and hug. Of course they’re way too big for that now. The scooping up, not the hugging.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that they’ve grown up so well and are living on their own. I don’t wish them to come back permanently. I have a productive, happy life of my own and they would certainly cramp my style as much as I’d cramp theirs.

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2016’s Most Impactful Book

100-bible-verses-everyone-should-know-by-heartIt’s been one of those years that I haven’t had much reading time. As a writer, I’m supposed to be a huge reader. I think of myself as a huge reader. But this year, I wasn’t. I’ve only read a total of eight books.

Full disclosure, I’m still reading numbers seven and eight of those eight. And I definitely won’t finish number eight this year. Still, I hope to add one more book (an Advent read) to the completed list before December 31 rolls around.

But of the eight I’ve (almost) read, one stands out. And it’s one I haven’t finished and definitely won’t in 2016. The most impactful book for me this year is…drum roll, please…100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart, by Robert J. Morgan.

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Walking the Tightrope of Parenting Adult Children

tightrope-barefootI know. I can already hear some of you (probably my adult children) saying, “What’s the big deal? If your kids are adults, you don’t really need to parent them anymore.” I get that. Really, I do. But you see, there’s this pesky problem of the name I’ve had for the past thirty-three years.


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A New Blog Home

Helping Rollin refloor the stairs 8.10.15My last blog, Parenting With a Smile, obviously had a parenting theme. You can still check it out here, if you’re interested. But my youngest child recently flew the coop and I’m more into grandparenting these days, so I feel like I kind of outgrew that blog. I won’t be posting there any more, but it will remain for those who want to reference it.

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