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Silent, Slow Mornings

buy provigil bulletproof I like to start my mornings slow. Just me and the silence of the house, still dark outside and dark inside, until I flip on a light. I brew my cup of coffee and splash in a wave of sugar-free hazelnut creamer. Strawberries and blueberries fill my bowl and I top it with half heavy whipping cream and half hazelnut creamer.


My breakfast and I move to my gray leather reclining couch, footrest still out from last night. I settle in, shawl snuggled around my neck and shoulders to warm me from the morning chill. Setting my bowl and coffee on the end table, I exchange them for my Bible, reading four chapters in my She Reads Truth Bible following the Read-the-Bible-in-a-Year plan at the back, then another chapter from my church’s reading plan. On Sunday, my pastor will preach from one of the passages we read during the week.

The heater kicks on, then off. These early morning hours are my favorite time of day. No one calls, texts, or needs me. It’s my time. Quiet and slow. Just me and God and my own thoughts. I can do whatever, uninterrupted. Usually that means checking email and Facebook after I’ve finished my reading. Sometimes I pay bills or do a bit of writing. I’m an Usborne Books & More consultant, so sometimes I do something related to my business during those quiet hours. I’m usually up a good hour or two before my husband, so I can get a lot done.

Time for a second cup of coffee. The sun sheds light through my windows. The floor above me creaks, signaling my alone time is almost done. Water rushes through pipes as my husband turns on the shower.

The day has begun just the way I like it. Silent. slow.

How do you like to start your day?

Rāmanagaram Linda


  1. You inspire me to resurrect my morning quiet times! I truly felt the peace in your blog that comes from this special time of day!!! Thanks.

  2. Thankful to sometimes be the one who breaks your reverie. You are a great example to us all. Love you.

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