Speaking Topics:

These topics can be used as keynote messages or expanded for use at retreats. Other topics available on request.

http://sexyadultvacations.com/the-cruises/ For Women

where to buy prednisone in canada Walking in the Dark- Walking with God can take us into dark territory where faith is the only light on the path; but God often gives us others whose night vision makes the path safe. Learn how we help one another on our faith journey.

Bad Mergentheim My Love List: 365 Things to Love About a Husband- Learn how to appreciate the everyday love of a husband, or anyone with whom you share a close, loving relationship. Train your eyes to see the miracles God gives us every day through our relationships.

Chaozhou Choosing Joy- What difference does it make to live grateful lives? How do intentional acts of thanksgiving lead to joy that transforms the way we live?

Becoming Empty- Learning to let go, to release anger, to remove resentments, it’s all part of the hard work of losing your life to find it.

Found: God’s Child- Your past can haunt you if you lose sight of your future. Learn to live beyond the times you disappoint God and step into the glorious promise He has for you.


For Christian Education

Presenting Children’s Messages- You never know what kids will say or do when they’re in front of a crowd. Learn to roll with the punches and keep them on track with your message.

Giggle, Wiggle, Niggle- Writing Children’s Ministry Materials –Today’s kids are more savvy than yesterday’s and require more mind-engaging methods of learning. Discover the secrets of making your children’s material fun for kids, and even the adults listening in.


For Kids

Using Your Unique Gifts for God- We all have different gifts, some more unusual than others! Hear how Linda discovered her gift of writing and how you can discover your gifts too. Then use them for God!

How a Book Gets Published- Ever wonder how an idea becomes a book? Linda shows you how in this interactive class that answers all your writing questions.

Christianity-Do I Have to Be Weird?- Linda remembers the pressure of being a young Christian in the world. How can you do it and still fit in? Is it possible to make a difference in your friends’ lives without quoting scripture? Learn cool ways to live out your faith.